Barry Zaransky, Psy.D.

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Dr. Zaransky can help Parents, School Districts, Agencies, Hospitals, Physicians, Attorneys, etc. arrive at the appropriate level of services and do it in a way that is in the child's best interest.  He is a highly respected Special Education Advocate and he has the expertise to get the most appropriate services for your child.

Parents and Families

If you need help getting the appropriate services for your child contact Dr. Zaransky.  He can help you with issues related to placement, eligibility, support services, IEP's, 504 Plans, etc.  He can help interpret evaluations for you and explain your rights as defined by school law.  He is available to observe school programs, and attend conferences on your behalf.  He can help you negotiate a system that is often confusing and complex, and his primary focus will always be your child's best interest.  Contact Dr. Zaransky today for a *Free initial phone consultation. 

School Districts

School Districts often think of Special Education Advocates in negative terms, but an ethical Advocate with the experience of Dr. Zaransky can be a great ally.  Dr. Zaransky can help you negotiate an appropriate solution when Parents are frustrated and don't trust your Special Education Team.  His experience in Mediation and Conflict Resolution will allow you to develop a plan that works for everyone.  Contact Dr. Zaransky today and get the support you need to get closure on your most difficult cases.


Dr. Zaransky can help you get your clients the most appropriate services.  He is available to interpret Educational and Psychological Evaluations, and negotiate the complexities of Special Education services and law.  He can provide expert testimony as appropriate and has extensive experience in Mediations, Due Process Hearings, and Court testimony.  Contact Dr. Zaransky today.  Your referrals are appreciated.  

Physicians, Hospitals, Agencies

Dr. Zaransky is available to act as a liaison between medical professionals and school staff in order to insure the child's most appropriate services.  He can interpret Educational and Psychological Evaluations and help negotiate the complexities of the school system and school law.  Contact Dr. Zaransky today and let him begin the process.  Your referrals are greatly appreciated.  

Contact Dr. Zaransky

Locations: Chicago Area; other USA locations considered.

Phone: 312-670-3648


Resource Links

These are very useful links that will give you extensive information on almost anything related to special education disabilities,  school law, teacher/parent resources, etc.  In addition to these links you can search most other topics and disabilities in the search box.

       Children and Adults ADHD URL:

       Autism, Asperger's, PDD URL:  

       Autism Speaks URL: 

       American Foundation for the Blind URL: 

       Brain Injury Association URL:

       National Association of the Deaf URL:

       National Association for Down Syndrome URL:  

       Uniquely Gifted URL:  

       Internet Mental Health URL: 
       Learning Disabilities Association of America
 Learning Disabilities Association of America




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